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Shangri-la Greek Barbecue Night: 

A most authentic experience that will surely liven up your stay! 

Looking forward to experiencing the most memorable night out like a Greek? At “Villa Shangri-la”, you are invited to join in a festivity that will be remembered forever: Shangri-la Greek Barbecue Night! Our guests are given a warm welcome by traditional dancers who host a memorable show and they have the chance to blend in with them, giving popular folklore dances a try.

Watch “Zeibekiko”, “Hasapiko”, “Tsifteteli”, “Hasaposerviko” performed by professional dancers, who willingly and explicitly demonstrate the steps, and join in the party, singing and dancing along and shouting “Opa” in the Greek way! Non-stop revelry while napkins are being thrown on the dancers and those who have ventured!

But… we do know that having a full stomach is key to original Greek entertainment, so we offer dinner first. Appetizers and wine / cold Greek beer are served while the professional dancers are dancing and then the delectable Greek barbecue is served. The luscious dishes include the famous Greek salad “Horiatiki”, green salad with haloumi cheese and orange slices, zucchini patties, fried cheese “saganaki”, French fries/chips, tzatziki of course, a mixed variety of meats on the grill, grilled vegetables, pasta with vegetables, stuffed tomatoes with rice –the renowned “gemista”.

After the show, dessert is served. Taste mini ice cream cones and “frigania” –a palatable local sweet- or other local delicacies. Of course, shots of “Mastiha” are served to all guests for “Gia Mas”!An ultimate experience of traditional entertainment which shouldn’t be missed!

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