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Drinks on Wheels!
Go on a road trip to fun!
Our new addition: A handcrafted mobile bar adding elegance to your special event

Having accumulated valuable experience in organizing special events on our premises, we conceived the idea of creating a unique hub of celebration, proposing a toast to unforgettable times. And now we are proud to present our handcrafted by local artisans, retro bar cart made of exquisite bronze and beech wood, fully equipped, serving our signature cocktails and all sorts of drinks to all those wishing to cherish their time during a convivial event.

From a stylish bar adorned with fairy lights and ideal for wedding receptions, our retro bar cart can be transformed perfectly to fit any theme party for our discerning guests. Our renowned bartenders cater for every single sip, lavishly sharing their recipes for happiness.

We are looking forward to taking the trip to joy with you!

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