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Amazing Zante Sights in an idyllic destination!

“Villa Shangri-La” Zakynthos is situated in “The Flower of the East”, an island of rich history in the Ionian Sea. Here, stunning contrasts overwhelm the senses; quaint countryside scenery and impressive exotic beaches featuring sparkling seas! In other words, you can visit the breathtaking Zante sights or try out various outdoor activities. Zante is the perfect place for cycling, horse riding, trekking or water sports like kayaking, scuba diving and snorkeling.
zante sights | Villa Shangri-La Zakynthos, Greece

Arguably, the most popular beach all over Greece and one of the most outstanding beaches worldwide, the “Shipwreck” -aka “Navagio Beach”- is located on the west coast of Zakynthos. Albeit visited by thousands of tourists annually, its appeal is everlasting: Breathtaking views of sheer white cliffs, emerald green trees and turquoise waters are definitely worth being taken in, depicted and photographed.

zante sights | Villa Shangri-La Zakynthos, Greece

The astounding “Blue Caves” are located on the northern tip of the island, at Skinari Cape. They have been named after the unique sea reflection of the sky colour and forming an overwhelming sapphire spectacle. They are an ideal place for diving and kayaking expeditions.

zante sights | Villa Shangri-La Zakynthos, Greece

Marathonissi / Turtle Island

In the south of the island, within the National Marine Pak, lies the exotic Turtle Island, called Marathonissi by the locals. This otherworldly islet boasts tropical beaches amidst wild flora and makes the perfect place for turtle spotting.

zante sights | Villa Shangri-La Zakynthos, Greece


The pebbly Marathias beach in the south is of unparalleled beauty and, luckily, is never packed. A strip of white sand at the end of the cove is the ideal place to unwind by the crystal-clear waters.

zante sights | Villa Shangri-La Zakynthos, Greece

Keri Sunset

Instagram enthusiasts and those seeking romance will not be disappointed by the dazzling sunset and the imposing beauty of the Lighthouse at the edge of the peaceful village resort, Keri.

zante sights | Villa Shangri-La Zakynthos, Greece

Porto Limnionas

Equally spellbinding is “Porto Limnionas”, a rocky inlet in the west with sublime waters and lush vegetation. Snorkelling and scuba diving are wholeheartedly recommended!

zante sights | Villa Shangri-La Zakynthos, Greece


To say “the scenery is dramatic” on this off-the-beaten-track islet is certainly an understatement! Even though it is not easily accessible, it is worth being explored by adventure seekers, who will enjoy a swim in its sparkling waters.

zante sights | Villa Shangri-La Zakynthos, Greece

Bochalis Hill

Not to be omitted from a visitor’s bucket list is Bochalis Hill, which overlooks the town and offers astonishing views of the mainland. The historic Venetian Castle stands out, reminiscent of the island’s cultural back catalogue.

zante sights | Villa Shangri-La Zakynthos, Greece

Gerakas & Dafni Beaches

Ideal for a close wildlife encounter, Gerakas beach and Dafni beach in Vassilikos area welcome those who would like to grab the opportunity to observe little sea turtles make their way to the sea. Calm waters and sandy beaches, perfect to bask in the sunshine.

zante sights | Villa Shangri-La Zakynthos, Greece


The lively social scene in Vassilikos makes it the place to be for cosmopolitans. Numerous sandy and pebbly beaches with beachfront bars and water sports facilities exert a strong appeal on visitors.

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