A shiny jewel on the Ionian

Experiences in Zakynthos

Zakynthos, Zante, or the Fiore of Levante according to the Venetians, is one of the most beautiful islands of the Ionian group and during your stay at the villa Shangri-La, you are given a unique opportunity to explore and live magical experiences, which you will remember forever.

One of the most interesting sights of the island is “The Shipwreck” (Navagio), a magnificent real, shipwreck on the secluded coast of St. George, which is now known by the same name. The ship was discovered on October 5, 1980, and has since become a pole of attraction for locals and tourists alike, because of its landscape’s wild beauty that truly captures you, and its crystal clear, blue waters. There are almost daily boat trips and we highly recommend taking one, for a unique life experience that will surely be remembered.

You can also visit the Keri Caves and Marathonisi, located at the bay of Lachana, by boat. In addition to the beautiful, turquoise waters where a swim is required, children will be especially pleased, since they’ll have the opportunity to meet the famous Caretta-Caretta turtle that swims in its natural environment. If you belong to the adventurous kind, you can dive in with a mask and snorkel, for a truly incredible, underwater spectacle. You can also choose to take the full boat trip, the tour of Zakynthos, where besides the aforementioned you will discover many more beautiful beaches, on the eastern side of the island.

Island Beauty

The famous Blue Caves, which you can again, visit by boat or take a private boat tour, form one of the island’s most fascinating, natural attractions. The caves are of great geological interest and are located along the northwestern side of the island, beginning after Agios Nikolaos and ending near the Cape Schinari.

One of the most famous coasts of the island is the sandy beach of Kalamaki. With its golden sand and shallow waters, it is an ideal choice for children. It is organized with umbrellas and sun loungers, while you can also find free places to sit if you prefer.

Keri Lighthouse is the best place to visit during your stay on the island, in order to watch the sunset as it disappears into the sea and the incredible shades of color it creates in the sky. You can go to the small lighthouse by car and observe the magnificent view of the tall rocks.

In general, the experiences in the beautiful Zante are unique. You can take boat and train trips, or even try various water sports on the beaches of Tsilivi, Banana, Kalamaki and many more. You can also spend a day in the water slides, try Horse Riding on the coast for a truly magical experience, or indulge in scuba diving. The possibilities are endless and all you need to bring, is your most positive and adventurous attitude

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